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Registered users/groups

Please see the UserCreation page for information about how to use this table.

user-/groupname uid/gid Purpose Packages
ip-sentinel 1 non-root execution of daemon ip-sentinel
socklog 2 socklog /dev/log listener socklog-setup
svlog 3 socklog backend daemons socklog-setup
clamav 4 user which updates clamav database clamav-data
clamilt 5 the user under which the clamav milter is running clamav-milter
pymilter 6 the user under which the python milter is running milter
grmilter 7 the user for the greylist-milter daemon milter-greylist
defang 8 the user for the mimedefang daemon mimedefang
twiki 9 the user who is running TWiki twiki
amavis 10 the user who is running the amavisd-new mail filter daemon amavisd-new
dhcp-fwd 11 the user who is running the dhcp-forwarder daemon dhcp-forwarder
kismet 12 the user who is running the kismet server kismet
tinyerp 13 the user who is running the tinyerp server tinyerp
ircd 14 the user who is running the ircd-hybrid server ircd-hybrid
tclhttpd 16 the user under which the tclhttpd application server runs tclhttpd
distcc 17 the user under which the distcc daemon runs distcc
munin 18 the user who runs the munin collection process munin
toranon 19 the user under which the tor daemon runs tor
fnord 20 the user for the fnord http server fnord
ushare 21 the user for ushare a UPnP A/V Media Server ushare
postgrey 22 the user who is running the postgrey policy server postgrey
moomps 23 the user under which the moomps daemon runs moomps
hacluster 24 the user under which the heartbeat daemon runs heartbeat
xpilot 25 the user under which the xpilot-ng server daemon runs xpilot-ng
sqlgrey 26 the user which runs the sqlgrey service sqlgrey
ejabberd 27 the user that ejabberd runs as ejabberd
builder 28 the user for the Test-AutoBuild builder perl-Test-AutoBuild
zaptel 29 the user who owns the zaptel kernel devices zaptel
openpbx 30 the user as which OpenPBX runs. openpbx
asterisk 31 the user as which Asterisk runs. asterisk
gnunet 32 the user as which the gnunet daemon runs. gnunet
bacula 33 the user running the bacula backup daemon bacula
jackuser 34 the group for the jack audio server real-time mode jack-audio-connection-kit
vboxusers 35 the group of people that may run virtualbox virtualbox
ngircd 36 the user running the ngirc daemon ngircd
openxpki 37 the user being used by the OpenXPKI daemon OpenXPKI
dbmail 38 dbmail daemons dbmail
tofmipd 39 tofmipd daemon tmda
flow-tools 40 flow-capture daemon flow-tools
roundup 41 roundup-server process roundup
canna 42 cannaserver daemon Canna
sgeadmin 43 Sun Grid Engine gridengine
icecream 44 Icecream distributed compiler icecream
jive 45 Openfire XMPP server user UNDER REVIEW openfire
dahdi 46 DAHDI Telephony dahdi-tools
ladvd 47 CDP/LLDP sender for unix ladvd