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Inappropriate contents packaging guideline draft


This proposal is intended to help identifying packages with explicit contents or that have inappropriate contents for certain age or offensive to certain group of people.


  • at any of the following cases a note must included :
    • if the package was classified by some legal entity or NGO as inappropriate. (such as ESRC, BBFC, OFLC)
    • if the upstream site shows a warning note that the package is inappropriate.
    • if any of the maintainers or reviewers or the legal board ...etc. (rephrase this please)
  • the note must be included to the package description
  • the package and the note must be added to the InappropriatePackagesList
  • the note should be taken as phrased by the upstream (in any) unless they phrase it in an offensive or inappropriate way or when their phrasing is not with accordance with legal entities.


This would simplify:

  • avoiding those in default installs or DVD medias
  • creating spins for certain groups.
  • managing #fedora IRC channel.


Let's assume that the package fortune-mod-anti<EthnicGroup> is offensive to the addressed ethnic group and the upstream site says "this package could be offensive to <EthnicGroup>, so be warned you dirty <EthnicGroup>" then of course we should not use this offensive note in the description.

the listing could look like this

packages to whom details
Offensive towards groups of people
fortune-mod-anti<EthnicGroup> <EthnicGroup> this package might be offensive for <EthnicGroup>
obscenity to semi-nudity
gnaughty depends the upstream clearly notes that this tool is designed for adult sex content and pornography
Violante Content
openarena 17+ the upstream noted that this may not be suitable for children under 17.


This proposal is still in its early stage, feel free to enhance it.