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BuildRoot Guidelines

Author: James Hogarth
Revision: 1
Initial Draft: Thursday October 26, 2017
Last Revised: Thursday October 26, 2017


A few months ago an initiative was approved by FESCo and begun to remove the dependency on net-tools within the packages in Fedora.


There has already been a good start on this with several packages either already engaging upstream discussions or with adjustments made to remove the dependency in rawhide.

There are not that many packages left to go, and for many the dependency should be fairly trivially resolved, but it would be a shame to allow future packages to be introduced that would be a step back from this effort.


Where it has been agreed to deprecate a package then there should be steps in place to avoid, or at least track, adding to the tech debt in doing so.

The guidelines should have the Packaging:Guidelines#Package_Dependencies section updated to include the following section.

Deprecated Packages Dependencies

If FESCo has agreed to deprecate a package that this package depends on then the submitter SHOULD submit an issue to the upstream to avoid that dependency and MUST add a bugzilla ticket blocking the tracking bug for that deprecation so it can be tracked.