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You may have also heard about this project as "Fedora Packaging Service", which is really just a working title. Packit is the name of the upstream project and we are trying to figure out the proper name using the Fedora brand.

Packit stands for multiple things:

  • Packaging automation: get latest bits into Fedora rawhide with minimum amount of manual steps
  • Upstream integration: let upstream know how their project stands in Fedora
  • Reusing existing services: we don't want to reinvent the wheel: we'll use existing tools and integrate with present services and only write new code if we need to
  • Be opt-in: you don't need to use it and you can opt out any time you want

Update workflows


Spec files in upstream repos? Are you out of your mind?

What about the-new-hotness?

Are you trying to take away my package(s) from me?