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= Pierre-Yves Chibon =
French Fedora user, helps to write the French documentation on [ Fedora-fr]
* Actual location : Wageningen, Netherlands (Else Paris, France)
* GPG key 74A2332A
* I have been approved as a contributor to Fedora
* I have made R libraries for Fedora (mainly for the [ bioconductor project] )
* I have helped on the [ R package guidelines]
== Contact ==
*E-Mail : [[MailTo(pingoufc4 I DONT WANT SPAM @yahoo DOT fr)] 
*IRC: pingou on #fedora-fr #fedora-devel-fr #fedora #fedora-devel #R #bioinformatics
*Jabber : pingou -AT- jabber-fr -DOT- net
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