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We have put together a [[Planet_Browser_Test_Matrix|test matrix]] for the Planet's look and feel across browsers and platforms.  Feel free to take a look at it, or help us to expand our coverage.
We have put together a [[Planet_Browser_Test_Matrix|test matrix]] for the Planet's look and feel across browsers and platforms.  Feel free to take a look at it, or help us to expand our coverage.
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Planet Fedora is a distributed communication tool that many Fedora contributors rely on to keep a pulse on Fedora's community. Contributors connect their blogs to Planet Fedora to express to the Fedora community their thoughts and personality, and share what they are working on through blog posts.

Appropriate Material

The Planet is a place for expression of many ideas. Not every idea needs to be promotional; some ideas may be controversial or critical, or evoke other mental or emotional responses. However, all posts to the Planet should reflect our commitment as a community to be excellent to each other. The following list contains examples of content that are not acceptable on the Planet, because they reduce the incentive for people to contribute in our community.

Material which is deemed inappropriate may be removed from the Planet without prior notice, although the Fedora Project's contributors do attempt to resolve every such situation constructively and amicably.

Depictions of nudity, near-nudity, or other adult material
Our contributors represent a wide variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. We do not want to unnecessarily restrict the audience of people who might become contributors in the future. These types of images can have a substantial negative effect on people's perception of the Fedora community, and their desire to contribute to it. Also, some types of material with mature subject matter may not be appropriate for all ages in our community. Therefore they are not appropriate for the Planet, whether they are featured in and of themselves, or as backdrops for other information.
Use of material that violates the owner's copyright
The Fedora Project always seeks to spread free software and content. We do this in part by promoting creation, use, and remixing of content that reflects our values, such as Creative Commons licensed material. We ask that all contributors respect the copyrights of content creators, and help us promote free content.
Reporting a problem
If you encounter material on the Planet that seems clearly inappropriate according to these guidelines, please notify us on IRC Freenode at #fedora-websites, or email the Fedora webmaster.

How to add your feed

Read the guidelines first.
Before you join the Planet, you need to understand a few simple guidelines on what's appropriate to post there. Please read these guidelines on appropriate material before you aggregate your blog.
  1. As a Fedora contributor you must have a Fedora Account System (FAS) account, have signed the contributor agreement (CLA), and be a member of at least one other group in FAS.
  2. Start by logging in to your account. You must be using the SSH key that you uploaded into the FAS, and your userspace is created the first time you log in:
  3. Create a file named .planet in the root of your home directory on The contents of the file follow this pattern:
    name = Your Name
    face =
    Category or tag recommended
    You may want to use a category or tag on your personal blog to feed to the Planet, rather than your whole blog. This allows you to mark posts that are interesting for the Fedora community.

    The first line in brackets is the URL of your RSS/RSS2/Atom feed, not your blog's URL.

    Most blogs provide a separate RSS feed for a tag or category. It's recommended that you have a special tag or category (like "fedora") for your blogs that are intended to go to the Planet. When you write a blog entry about Fedora that you want the community to read, simply tag it or categorize it so it's picked up by the Planet.

    The next line is your name as you want it to appear on the aggregator. The final line is optional and is the complete URL to your hackergotchi/personal icon. There should be no spaces or tabs preceeding ANY of the above lines in your .planet file. You can have more than one entry in your .planet file - just add another one in the same format.

Additional help

Feel free to email admin at for help.

Here is a small screencast illustrating the steps needed to create and upload your own .planet file:

Reporting Bugs

If you have found a bug, please send an email to the Websites team including a description, screenshot (if you have one), browser name and version, and OS.

Test Matrix

We have put together a test matrix for the Planet's look and feel across browsers and platforms. Feel free to take a look at it, or help us to expand our coverage.