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Planet Fedora is a aggregation of blogs from world wide Fedora contributors at

Joining Planet Fedora

The Fedora Infrastructure team administers the planet instance. Follow these instructions to aggregate your blog on Fedora Planet.

Appropriate Material

Draft information
This section is under review by the Fedora Board.

The Planet is a place for expression of many ideas. Not every idea needs to be promotional; some ideas may be controversial or critical, or evoke other mental or emotional responses. However, all posts to the Planet should reflect our commitment as a community to be excellent to each other. The following list contains examples of content that are not acceptable on the Planet, because they reduce the incentive for people to contribute in our community.

Depictions of nudity, near-nudity, or other adult material
Our contributors represent a wide variety of backgrounds and viewpoints. We do not want to unnecessarily restrict the audience of people who might become contributors in the future. These types of images can have a substantial negative effect on people's perception of the Fedora community, and their desire to contribute to it. Also, some types of material with mature subject matter may not be appropriate for all ages in our community. Therefore they are not appropriate for the Planet, whether they are featured in and of themselves, or as backdrops for other information.
Use of material that violates the owner's copyright
The Fedora Project always seeks to spread free software and content. We do this in part by promoting creation, use, and remixing of content that reflects our values, such as Creative Commons licensed material. We ask that all contributors respect the copyrights of content creators, and help us promote free content.

Reporting Bugs

If you have found a bug, please send an email to the Websites team including a description, screenshot (if you have one), browser name and version, and OS.

Test Matrix

We have put together a test matrix for the Planet's look and feel across browsers and platforms. Feel free to take a look at it, or help us to expand our coverage.