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<!-- page was renamed from Extras/Policy/EOL
<!-- page was renamed from Extras/Policy/EOL
= Fedora Extras Maintenance Lifecycle Policy =
= Fedora Lifecycle Policy =
== Digest ==
== Digest ==

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Fedora Lifecycle Policy


  • One month after Fedora version N is released, Fedora release N-2 reaches End-of-life (EOL) (so fedora Fedora 7 was End-of-life one month after Fedora 9 release).
  • Branches for new packages in CVS are not allowed for distribution N-2 after the Fedora N release. New builds are no longer allowed for EOL Fedora releases.
  • Bugs of EOL releases are closed automatically.

More Details

One month after Fedora release N, Fedora N-2 release reaches End-of-life (EOL). This means that no new builds are accepted, and bugs are not looked at anymore.

Branches for new packages in CVS are not created for distributions one month before the EOL, that is when Fedora N is released, branches for Fedora N-2 are not created anymore.

FESCo can approve exceptions of these rules if there are good reasons for it.

Bugs for EOL releases should be closed automatically.