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Provenpackagers are members of the 'provenpackager' group. In addition to the rights granted to members of 'packager', provenpackagers are able to commit changes to packages they do not own or maintain. It is possible for a maintainer to deny access to provenpackagers for his particular package, but the vast, vast majority of packages can be changed by provenpackagers. To exclude a package from provenpackagers access you have open a ticket at [[ FESCo issue tracker]] and explain why provenpackagers should not have access to it. FESCo will discuss and vote on one of the weekly meetings about your request.
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Provenpackager is a group of skilled package maintainers who are experienced in a wide variety of package types and who are familiar with the [[Packaging:Guidelines|packaging guidelines]] and [[Package_maintainer_policy|package maintainer policies]] as well as
acutely aware of [[Releases/Schedule|release schedule]] and [[ReleaseEngineering#Freeze_Policies|freeze policies]]. They lend a hand when help is needed, always with a desire to improve the quality of Fedora. They should be careful not to change other people packages needlessly and try to do the minimal changes in packages to fix problems, as explained more in depth in [[Who_is_allowed_to_modify_which_packages|the policy explaining when one is allowed to modify a package]].  
== Becoming provenpackager ==
To become a member of the provenpackager, the procedure is the following:
* [[Development/SteeringCommittee|Contact FESCo]] and specify what you plan to do as provenpackager.
* The FESCo chair will send an e-mail to the sponsors list for the packager group. Debate will take place on the list for a period of one week normally.
* FESCo will vote at it's weekly meeting on the proposals and notify you, if your request has been approved.
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This page is deprecated
FESCo docs have moved to docs.fp.o with source hosted in a pagure repo. This page is now at