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why start to write gui test ?

GUI is part which mainly touch end-users.

which gui framework to use?

dont know much, I took dogtail and use it in python script

what to test?

Now I created the first simple test procedure with abrt on latest rhel6

1. abrt-gui
2. produce simple crash
3. report it by clicking next, next, next and filling something into "how to reproduce"
4. see if there is /var/log/abrt.log with my generated "how to reproduce"

when to test?

each built / each week / once a year?

what was done?

just one preview test :)

how does it look like now?


test output

Test generates screenshots, look at output with screenshot

Free comments

give your ideas here

is dogtail suitable? Are there any other GUI frameworks ?

what to automate?

  • start automate test procedures from test days