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This install verifies that all of the ISO images are recognizable and installable by Anaconda.

Steps To Reproduce

1. Burn required number of iso's for a complete install.

1. Boot system from CD #1 and choose CDROM as install type if not automatically chosen for you.

1. Process through install process inserting each CDROM as requested by installer.

1. Remove final CDROM before rebooting into installed system when instructed by installer.

Expected Results

1. System should boot into the installer properly from CD #1.

1. Anaconda should properly eject and request next CDROM

1. Anaconda functions properly and successfully installs required packages for complete.

1. Anaconda should not ask for the same CDROM more than once.

NOTE: RHEL3 and RHEL4 will request disc#1 after the final disc. This is because disc#1 contains the variant specific (e.g. AS, ES, WS, Desktop) packages and those are installed after all base package dependencies have been met.

1. Package errors should not occur.

1. System boots successfully