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XCCDF content defines many security setting that might be organized into different profiles. The settings that are selected in profile called "Desktop" are supposed to pass on "clean" Fedora system. The Aim of this test case is to ensure that oscap tool can process provided SCAP content and get proper results.


Nothing special. Install openscap and openscap-utils. Get the latest scap-fedora14-oval.xml and scap-fedora14-xccdf.xml files.

How to test


oscap xccdf eval --result-file result.xml --report-file report.html --profile Desktop scap-fedora14-xccdf.xml scap-fedora14-oval.xml

Expected Results

All Rules should give result: pass

Unexpected Results

If there are rules with result other than pass it does not need to be problem. Your system might have different configuration. Please, see report.html file for detailed rule description and then make sure rule results is correct or incorrect.