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This test case checks whether ABRT removes security information after a user reviewed the data which will be filled in the Bugzilla bug report.

How to test

  1. Generate crash (e.g. run "$ will_abort --random" or kill some process with SIGSEGV signal "$ sleep 100 &" "$ kill -SEGV %1")
  2. Report the crash with gnome-abrt to Partner Bugzilla ( - testing instance of
    1. Temporary change url to Bugzilla
      1. click on Problem Reporting menu and choose Preferences (1.)
      2. select Events list (2.)
      3. select Bugzilla Report to Bugzilla bug tracker item and click Configure button (3.)
      4. in list Advanced (4.) set Bugzilla URL (5.) to Change bugzilla url.png
    2. Select created crash and click Report button situated right top in the main gnome-abrt window
    3. Select Reported to Fedora workflow
    4. Generate stack trace (locally or remote using retrace server)
    5. Write some description
    6. Now there is important part of the test - data review part
  1. In a review part of the reporting work-flow change a text content of all possible dump dir elements (e.g. add a sentence to the backtrace file etc.)

Expected Results

  1. All the content changes you've made during reporting are reflected in the Bugzilla report.