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This test case checks whether ABRT removes security information after a user reviewed the data which will be filled in the Bugzilla bug report.

How to test

  1. Generate crash (e.g. run "$ will_abort --random" or kill some process with SIGSEGV "$ sleep 100 &" "$ kill -SEGV %1")
  2. Report the crash with gnome-abrt to Bugzilla
  3. In a review part of the reporting process change content of all possible dump dir elements (e.g. backtrace, cmdline, executable, environ etc.)
  4. After the Bugzilla report is created, check that all the changes you've made are reflected in the Bugzilla report.

Expected Results

  1. Step #1 completes without error
  2. The system boots into runlevel 5
  3. Program completes with exit code 0