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|description=Test reporting of known crash using [[Features/SimplifiedCrashReporting|Simplified Crash Reporting]] of [ ABRT]
|description=Test reporting of known (already reported) crash.
<ol><li>Prepare a known crash:
<ol><li>Prepare a known crash:

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Test reporting of known (already reported) crash.


  1. Prepare a known crash:
    sleep 100 &
    kill -SIGSEGV %1
  2. Notification popup about crash should appear. Click on it or run gnome-abrt manually.

How to test

  1. Find a new record for sleep:
    "coreutils | Process /usr/bin/sleep was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)"
  2. Click on the "Report" button.
  3. Wait until processing is finished.
  4. Click on "Show log" label.
  5. You should see only the following text:
  6. --- Running report_uReport ---
    This problem has already been reported.
  7. You should not be able to continue with reporting. The "Close" button should be placed in right bottom corner of the reporting window and the button should be the only one visible.

Expected Results

  1. Reporting should be interrupted because the crash is known.
  2. Crash is not reported to Bugzilla.