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This test case is intended to introduce a failure, and validate anaconda is able to properly handle the failure and report the issue to bugzilla.


Download, or create, boot media needed to boot and test the Fedora installer

How to test

  1. Boot the installer by any available means (CD, DVD, boot.iso or PXE). Add a traceback keyword to the kernel boot line.
  2. After a few initial steps (language/keymap choice, network activation) you should be presented with a failure dialog. Select Save
  3. On the following dialog, choose Report uploader as the reporter and provide an existing directory as the destination file URL, e.g. file:///root/.
  4. Don't click Exit installer, switch to terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2
  5. Run command ls <YOUR_PATH>

Expected Results

  1. The installer presents a failure dialog and offers an option to save the failure report.
  2. The reporter informs you that the report file has been successfully written to disk
  3. A traceback file (anaconda-tb-xxxxx) was created in /tmp.