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This test confirms that you are able to install a system when booting the installer using only a kernel and initial ramdisk image.

Pxeboot Images Required
This test case requires having pxeboot images made available for a system. For further information on PXE, please see

How to test

  1. Boot test system off the network using the kernel (images/pxeboot/vmlinuz) and initial ramdisk image (images/pxeboot/initrd.img)
  2. When prompted, entry a language and keymap preference
  3. Choose an installation method (HTTP, NFS, hard drive etc...) and provide the requested information so anaconda can locate the installation source. If selecting a network-based installation method, you may also be prompted to choose a network device and enter network parameters.

Expected Results

  1. Installer boots into stage1 loader and prompts for language, keymap, and installation source
  2. The installer transitions to stage2 anaconda using the provided installation source (URL, Hard Drive, NFS etc...)
  3. The installer utilizes the package repository at the provided installation source