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Launch Fedora CoreOS in VMWare using the next image.


  1. Gain access to a VMWare ESXi platform - hardware version 13 or later.
  2. Install the govc CLI. sudo dnf install /usr/bin/govc works.
  3. Install coreos-installer: sudo dnf install coreos-installer

How to test

  1. Create an Ignition config. You can use the simplest example available which includes your SSH key.
  2. Follow the documentation for downloading the VMWare OVA image, importing it using govc, encoding the Ignition config, and launching a VM from it. Use the next stream instead of stable when downloading with coreos-installer.
  3. SSH into the machine using ssh username@ipaddress (replace username and ipaddress with actual values).

Expected Results

  1. The VMWare VM launches according to the instructions.
  2. You can connect through SSH.
  3. The linked documentation is clear, all steps are understandable, and nothing important is missing from it.