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This test case focuses on lock screen, shown when user session is locked.

More on Lock Screen.


  • Login to Gnome Shell.

How to test

  1. Lock user session using "User menu" - "Lock" or keyboard shortcut "Super" + "L" ("Winkey" + "L").
  2. Slide screen upward by your finger or mouse, or hit "Escape" or "Enter" key. Enter correct password to unlock user session.
  3. Try unlock session using wrong password.
  4. Try "Log in as another user" option.
  5. In "User menu" - "Settings" - "Privacy" - "Screen Lock" you can configure inactivity after then screen turns off and lock delay. Check "Show notifications" to enable notifications on lock screen.

Expected Results

  1. You should see actual time and date.
  2. Screen should unlock.
  3. Screen should stay locked and show error message.
  4. "Log in as another user" option should bring you to Gnome Login Screen with list of all available accounts. Then you can switch back or login as another user.
  5. Screen should turn off and lock after configured time. Notifications should be visible on locked screen.