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Install, remove and udpate modules in Fedora Server


  1. To start and learn how to list modules, follow the instructions in this test case [1]

How to test

Installing Modules

To install a module, use the following commands:

  • dnf install module to install the defaul stream and profile of the module.
  • dnf module install module:stream to install a module with a particular stream.
  • dnf module install module:stream/profile to install a module with a particular stream and profile.

Check, that the module is correctly installed, appears in the list of installed modules and shows the correct stream and profile.

Expected Results

All above commands execute without errors.

  1. When you install the module using dnf install, the command must install the module in its default stream and profile.
  2. When you install the module (:stream/profile), the module must successfully install in a selected stream or stream and profile. The module must be listed on the list of installed modules.


Try various modules and streams/profiles.