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Test building WebKitGTK with swap-on-zram enabled and running.


  1. Install mock, and download webkit2gtk3 source.
    sudo dnf install mock
    curl -O
  2. Add user to mock group.
    sudo usermod -a -G mock chris

How to test

  1. Make sure you have at zram swap, or both a disk-based swap and a zram swap.
    $ swapon
    NAME       TYPE       SIZE USED PRIO
    /dev/sda5  partition 10.4G   0B   -2
    /dev/zram0 partition  3.8G   0B  100
  2. Build WebKitGTK
    mock webkit2gtk3-2.29.2-1.fc33.src.rpm
  3. Repeat two more times.

Expected Results

  1. Either the build succeeds, or earlyoom will report killing off one of the related build processes (probably cc1plus).
    sudo journalctl -b | grep earlyoom
    Jul 05 18:34:44 f33v.local earlyoom[643]: mem avail:    51 of  2895 MiB ( 1.78%), swap free:  134 of 1446 MiB ( 9.30%)
    Jul 05 18:34:44 f33v.local earlyoom[643]: low memory! at or below SIGTERM limits: mem  4.00%, swap 10.00%
    Jul 05 18:34:44 f33v.local earlyoom[643]: sending SIGTERM to process 10570 uid 1000 "cc1plus": badness 258, VmRSS 850 MiB
  2. Other sources of failures likely indicate a problem.