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Install a Fedora guest from CDROM/DVD media


Fetch install media from

F17 Alpha media can be grabbed directly here:

How to test


  1. Run virt-manager (should autoconnect to qemu)
  2. Launch the 'New VM' wizard
  3. Enter any name, choose 'Local Install Media'
  4. Select the ISO that you downloaded.
  5. Manually set OS distro value to the version of Fedora being installed.
  6. Proceed with through the wizard, using the default suggested values.
  7. Start the install, and perform the install as you would on a normal machine.


An example virt-install invocation looks like:

 $> virt-install --name fedoratestday --ram 1024 \
        --disk path=/var/lib/libvirt/images/fedoratestday.img,size=10 \
        --cdrom /path/to/my/media.iso --os-distro fedora17

For virt-install, the iso media needs to be in a location that is accessible by the 'qemu' user, otherwise the emulator won't be able to access it. A good place to put the iso is /var/lib/libvirt/images

Expected Results

Guest installations start and perform without any issues. Guest is bootable after install completes.