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Configure USB redirection for your guest, which allows streaming USB access to your VM, even if it's on a different host!


Initial test day setup (basically a function F18 VM). And a USB device to let your guest access.

How to test

  1. Shut off your guest. Open the hardware view in virt-manager
  2. Make sure the guest is configured with spice graphics and qxl video (this is the default if you chose 'Fedora 18' when installing)
  3. Go to the 'Controller USB' page, change type to 'USB 2', click apply
  4. Go: Add Hardware->USB Redirection->Spice->Apply
  5. Start the VM, but close virt-manager
  6. From the command line, as root, run:
    virt-viewer f18
  7. With virt-viewer, log into the guest so you have graphical desktop access
  8. In virt-viewer, go to File->USB Redirection, and select your USB device
  9. Verify the device shows up in the guest and is usable
  10. In virt-viewer, go to File->USB Redirection, and unselect your device
  11. Verify the device is once again usable on the host

Expected Results

No obvious errors occur, USB device is accessible like normal.