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{{QA/Test_Case |description=This is to verify that Anaconda's inst.repo boot option works together with a DVD.iso mounted over an NFS protocol. This is called "NFSISO repository", because it uses the DVD-mounted-over-NFS as a repository. |setup=

  1. You need to have a DVD.iso accessible over an NFS protocol. If you do have it, no further setup is needed. If you don't, set up a NFS share this way:
    • Install Package-x-generic-16.pngnfs-utils.
    • Create a directory that will be shared: # mkdir /share
    • Let's say your (virtual) test machine is in the subnet. Put the following line into /etc/exports:
    • Restart the NFS service: # systemctl restart nfs-server.service
    • Copy the DVD.iso into /share directory. Make sure the file has world-readable file permissions.
    • The directory is now accessible over NFS via <your_IP>:/share
  2. Prepare any non-live media for booting the installer (anything except Live.iso).


  1. Before booting the installer, specify a target NFSISO repository by adding a following boot option:
    where <path> can refer to a directory containing a single .iso file or multiple .iso} files, or to the .iso file directly.
    Make sure the .iso file architecture matches the architecture of your installer media.
  2. Proceed with installation