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== Alternatives ==  
== Alternatives ==  
* Example
* Example
== Other info ==
Incomplete info about [[Ambassadors/LATAM/Reimbursement/Paypal | Paypal in Latam]]

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[[Category:Ambassadors]] [[Category:Events]]

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Reimbursements are processed exclusively via Paypal.
Paypal however does not work in all countries - which can be a huge problem for some contributors. Are you having any issues with Paypal in your country? If yes, please describe the problem and suggest alternative solutions below.

Country List

Country Paypal Works Fully? Comments Alternatives
Example Warning.png Paypal does not work in Example N/A
Nicaragua Warning.png Paypal allows receive money, but not to cash it.
I can use it as E-wallet to pay where paypal is accepted
Bank Transfer, person-to-person transfer (Wester Union or similar)

Checkmark.png : Yes Warning.png : No


  • Example

Other info

Incomplete info about Paypal in Latam