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* [[Eris Hoxha]]
* [[Eris Hoxha]]
* [[Neada Kaptelli]]
* [[Neada Kaptelli]]
* [[Xheni Myrtaj]]
* Feel free to add yourself
* Feel free to add yourself

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Fedora Events: Fedora 23 Release Event - Tirana, Albania

We will be organizing a Fedora 23 Release Event at Open Labs Hackerspace, in Tirana.

When and Where

  • Saturday 14th November 2015, at 4PM
  • Open Labs Hackerspace - Tirana, Albania (

Event Owner


Name Type (talk/workshop) Owner
Introduction to Fedora Talk Silva Arapi
How to contribute at Fedora Project Talk Ina Pacaj
What's new with Fedora 23 Talk Suela Palushi
Installfest Workshop Jona Azizaj



To be published after the event