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=== When ===
=== When ===

16/02/2012 12:00pm
16/02/2013 12:00pm

== Schedule ==
== Schedule ==

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Fedora Events: Fedora 18 release event, Bucharest

Event Owner


On Friday 15/2 at noon, OSOM is taking place in Bucharest where Fedora is going to have a presence with a presentation and a booth. OSOM is the national FOSS conference of Romania where major Romanian communities are going to attend. This event is a good opportunity to seek Fedora lovers and users to join us the next day in our release event.

During the release event we are going to have at least two presentations and a workshop along with a lot of media and swag to give away to our lovers and users. Our main goal is to find contributors and users who are willing to contribute in Fedora!

When and Where


Facultatea de Automatica si Calculatoare room EC102


16/02/2013 12:00pm



  • An introduction to Fedora Project. What is Fedora, why to use it, Fedora 18 new features.
  • Fedora Project as a community. How to contribute, why to contribute.


  • Introduction to Fedora 18 and Gnome shell tips and tricks.
  • Fedora on ARM (raspberry pi).
  • Designing with Fedora and Gimp.
  • Contributing (designing, translating).

Fedora Project Attendees