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Fedora 21 Release Party - Kolkata, India

When and Where

  • Time: 2015-02-01 15:00
  • Place: Dumdum (details will be published before the event).

Organizers / Team


  • Fedora 21 features
  • How to start contributing to Fedora?
  • Python applications in Fedora Infrastructure


Just add your name here.

Name Email Note
Foo Bar foo at In case you want to speak on something.
Sudeep Mukherjee sudeep.mukherjee DOT gmail DOT com
Sritanu Chakraborty
Soham Chakraborty Performance measurement approach, tools, data collection
Jitendra Adhikari jitendra DOT adhikari
Indranil Das Gupta indradg%$^& (remove %$^&)
Stephanie Das Gupta stephaniedasgupta%$^& (remove %$^&)

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

  • Live CD/DVD:
  • drinks & snacks: Bring you own drinks & snacks :)

Detailed Cost Breakup

None, self arranged.

Discussions & News





Remember to update F21_release_events page about time/date/report info.