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Fedora 12 Release Schedule

Key Milestones

2009-05-26 Fedora 11 Release
Planning & Development Begins
2009-07-28 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends
2009-08-04 Beta Freeze - devel freeze policy
Software String Freeze
2009-08-18 Beta Release
2009-09-15 Software Translation Deadline
2009-09-22 Final Development Freeze - final freeze policy
2009-10-06 Preview Release
2009-10-20 Compose & Stage Release Candidate
2009-11-03 Fedora 12 Final Release
Historically Test and General Availability releases happen at 10:00am Eastern US Time, which is either 1500UTC or 1400UTC depending on daylight savings in the United States. See Releases/Schedule for more information about scheduling methodology and schedule milestone definitions

Upstream Project Schedules

Links to other significant project schedules--useful for seeing see how Fedora lines up with them.

Key Features