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Fedora 12 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 12 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
85% debuginfo file system A read-only, internet-mountable filesystem that provides debuginfo (for use with gdb and other debugging tools), and a client service to mount the debuginfo filesystem when needed. 2009-04-06
40% Dracut Dracut is a replacement for nash/mkinitrd 2009-04-03
0% Empathy Set Empathy as the default IM client 2009-03-04
25% liblvm Add liblvm, a userspace library for application interface to LVM 2009-05-08
10% Multiseat Make it simple to configure a system for multiseat operation, where two or more users each have their own keyboard, monitor, and mouse, and can work independently of each other 2009-01-28
10% NetworkManagerIPv6 Add full IPv6 support to NetworkManager. 2009-02-26
75% NetworkManager System Connections Add full support for system-wide connections to NetworkManager. 2009-04-01
70% PolicyKit 1.0 PolicyKit provides a flexible framework for granting users access to privileged operations. It is meant to replace the old userhelper approach, and overcome some of its shortcomings. PolicyKit 1.0 addresses architectural shortcomings of the initial PolicyKit design. 2009-05-13
50% Systemtap Static Probes allows for tracing specifics of an application on a higher level that is meaningful to the application user so they don't have to know the exact source code details for tracing what is happening 2009-04-28

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