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Fedora 15 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 15 Release.


% Complete Name Summary Updated
40% Boost 1.46 Update Boost to the upstream 1.46 release 2011-01-20
90% BoxGrinder Creates appliances (virtual machines) from simple plain text appliance definition files for various virtual platforms 2010-12-28
20% CloudFS A "cloud ready" version of GlusterFS, including additional auth*/crypto/multi-tenancy. 2010-11-12
90% Consistent Network Device Naming On Dell and HP servers with multiple network ports on the motherboard, name them lomX rather than ethX. 2010-12-03
100% Dynamic Firewall Support for dynamic firewall management with DBus interface 2010-12-23
30% ecryptfs in authconfig Support for ecryptfs in authconfig 2010-12-22
100% 4kB Sector disk boot support Make booting from disks with a 4kB sector size work on UEFI machines. 2010-12-02
50% GCC 4.6 Move to GCC 4.6.x 2010-12-13
65% GNOME 3 Move to GNOME 3 2010-12-08
75% KDE 4.6 Rebase to KDE 4.6 2010-01-11
15% LZMA For Live Images Enabling LZMA for compression to allow us ship more software on our live images 2010-12-16
0% LessFS Data deduplication - reduce disk usage where filesystem blocks are identical by only storing 1 block and using pointers to the original block for copies 2010-11-12
80% Maven 3 Java project management, project comprehension, and build tool 2010-12-06
100% LibreOffice Office productivity suite 2010-11-08
95% OCaml 3.12 OCaml 3.12 is a major new release of the OCaml language and compiler. 2011-01-21
20% Remove All Setuid apps from distribution Replace setuid applications with File Capabilities in order to make them more secure 2010-10-26
20% Riak Riak is a NoSQL database 2010-01-24
0% RPM 4.9 Update RPM to 4.9 2010-12-22
50% Setroubleshoot GUI Redesign Redesign setroubleshoot to bring back all possible solutions, and simplify descriptions. 2010-09-03
60% Spice support for virt-manager Ability to create, configure and display Spice-enabled VM from virt-manager 2010-12-20
10% Sugar .92 Update to latest Sugar Learning Environment 2010-12-05
100% systemd systemd is a replacement for SysVinit and Upstart that acts as a system and session manager 2010-10-19
20% var-run-tmpfs /var/run and /var/lock should be mounted as tmpfs 2010-09-15
0% Xen pvops Dom0 pvops-based kernel to serve as Dom0 for a Xen-based system 2010-12-20
90% Xfce 4.8 New version of Xfce 2010-11-15

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