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Fedora 22 Schedule
This is the release schedule for Fedora 22. Historical schedules are maintained on a separate page.

Key Proposed Changes

Key Milestones

2014-12-09 Fedora 21 Release
2015-01-20 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (System Wide Changes)
no earlier than 2015-XX-XX (to be set) Side Tag Builds Deadline
no earlier than 2015-XX-XX (to be set) Mass Rebuild
no earlier than 2015-02-10 Branch Fedora 22 from Rawhide
no earlier than 2015-02-24 Alpha Freeze
Software String Freeze
Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (testable)
Bodhi activation point
no earlier than 2015-03-10 Alpha Release
no earlier than 2015-03-31 Software Translation Deadline
Beta Freeze
Change Checkpoint: 100% Code Complete Deadline
no earlier than 2015-04-14 Beta Release
no earlier than 2015-05-05 Final Freeze
no earlier than 2015-05-19 Fedora 22 Final Release
Final schedule
Final schedule to be set by FESCo after Change proposal deadline and scheduling vFAD.

Detailed Schedules

Upstream Project Schedules

Links to other significant project schedules--useful for seeing how Fedora aligns with them.

Feel free to add any other significant projects schedules!