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Encontré un problema en una guía

En ocasiones los errores se encuentran en uno de nuestras guías oficiales. Por suerte, cada guía tiene un componente de nuestro sistema Bugzilla. Por favor, visite nuestro componente de Bugzilla y presenta el problema de la guía y uno de nuestros desarrolladores intentara resolver el problema que has encontrado. Agradecemos sus comentarios y los parches son bienvenidos!

I found a problem on the wiki

You're in luck! The wiki is a community collaboration tool so you can make the change yourself! You will need a FAS account, however, to make those edits but once you do please feel free to join in with making the wiki pages better.

I have a comment for the documentation owner

You can also communicate directly with the Docs Project if you have questions.

I want to see what documentation bugs have been reported

Step on over to the Fedora Documentation Bugzilla

I have an idea for a document

Fantastic! Join the Docs Project