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rhpxl (pronounced "rapunzel") is a python library that used to be a part of ["rhpl"] . It is used for configuring and starting up X from within python programs. The three big users of rhpxl are ["Anaconda"] , ["firstboot"] , and system-config-display.


If you are interested in contributing code to extend or improve rhpxl, send email to fedora-devel with the word "rhpxl" in the subject. While this list isn't specific to rhpxl, it's probably the most relevant list we've got.

Getting the Source

rhpxl is now maintained in git. It can be checked out from:


A gitweb view is available as well.

Releases can be found here .

Reporting Problems

If you are having a problem (usually indicated by a python traceback going somewhere into rhpxl), see BugsAndFeatureRequests.