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# [[User:gbraad | Gerard Braad]]
# [[User:gbraad | Gerard Braad]]
# [[User:bozhidar | Bozhidar Batsov]]
# [[User:bozhidar | Bozhidar Batsov]]
# [[User:Spike | Chris Spike]]

== Package Wishlist ==
== Package Wishlist ==

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Java Special Interest Group


A SIG for people who are interested in improving the state of Java in Fedora. This includes packaging Java libraries and applications, setting and improving standards for packaging them as RPM's and collaboratively managing bigger changes related to Java in Fedora.


We should have our first meeting on IRC FreeNode, channel fedora-java. Proposed date/time:

7th September 2010 (Tuesday), 18:00 UTC.

(!! Changed from 6th September (Monday), 16:00 UTC !!)

List of attendees (include alternative available time slots)

* sochotni - (8:00 - 18:00 UTC, Tuesday is fine too)

Topics for discussions

* Tasks (see below)
* Decide when/how often we are going to meet

State of Affairs

There have been few big updates and changes to core Java packages recently. Most notably update of Maven to version 2.2.1, rename of jakarta-commons packages to apache-commons (still underway) and most recently update of ant to 1.8.x. All of these changes were mostly organized through bugzilla and wiki pages. This worked out mostly OK, but this could be good place for all tasks related to Java so that everyone can quickly see what is going on.

Current state of Java packaging guidelines is not ideal. They are somewhat outdated and missing few things. See Tasks section for current state of this.

If you would like to help us with packaging Java software, read how to join Fedora packagers or get in touch with us directly and we will guide you through the process.

Guidelines for building Java packages can be found on a separate page.


  • Create email alias for all java-packages
  • Prepare for Maven3 (see MavenUpdate page)
  • Update packaging guidelines (there are few drafts spread though wiki)
  • Create list of common mistakes when packaging java packages (java review template?)
  • Collect tips & tricks for packaging java (for example this page)
  • Add ability to query java-only package reviews in BZ
  • Look after Java and Eclipse release notes:
  • Update Java page. Some parts are quite outdated (for example maven part)
  • add more if you know something that would be worth spending time on
  • Discuss strategies for completing Java packaging requirements for the AutoQA project (see User:Jlaska/autoqa_package_dependencies) - 2 packages ready for package review (htmlunit, htmlunit-core-js)

Currently Open Java Package Review Bugs

We generally like to get new Java packages into Fedora as long as they follow our packaging guidelines. Currently there is no simple way to query bugzilla for Java-only package reviews so people interested in java reviews have it a bit harder. Just go through and hope for the best


If you are interested in joining the SIG, just add yourself to this list

  1. Stanislav Ochotnicky
  2. Alexander Kurtakov
  3. Frank Murphy
  4. Levente Farkas
  5. Mat Booth
  6. Aditya Patawari
  7. Len DiMaggio
  8. Orion Poplawski
  9. Juan Rodriguez
  10. Eric Deering
  11. Gerard Braad
  12. Bozhidar Batsov
  13. Chris Spike

Package Wishlist