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Fedora Medical Special Interest Group (SIG) is to enable a medical practice, the research, life sciences, bioinformatics and imaging into Fedora, and democratize the technologies for everyone. We prepares the packages associated with them.

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Please contact us on if you need some helps. Subscribing the mailing list is encouraged.

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Susmit Shannigrahi Christoph Wickert
Luis Ibanez Efstathios Iosifidis
Ben Lambrechts Mary-Anne Wolf
Sebastian Hilbert Yumas Hankouri
Mario Ceresa Jérôme Velut
Ankur Sinha Harsh Verma
Marcus Lines Zoltan Hoppar
Daniel VanStone Gareth John
Theodore Papadopoulo Mary-Anne Wolf
Praveen Kumar Robert Beatty
Leon Keijser James Regis
Kalpa Pathum Welivitigoda Prabin Kumar Datta
Tom Wroblewski Arnaud Gelas
David Deutschmann Arnold Laurinaria
Michel Alexandre Salim Siddharth Waikar
Sébastien Jodogne Simon Slater
Marcel Ribeiro Dantas Michael Osburn
Jun Aruga
Antonio Trande


Fedora medical packages by category

Category Description
Dental The used Trac links are deprecated.
Hospital Hospital information systems. General Practitioner's work-flow. The used Trac links are deprecated.
Imaging The used Trac links are deprecated.
Misc The used Trac links are deprecated.
Speech Analysis The used Trac links are deprecated.

When creating new category, please consider the name with Deibian Med team's tasks.

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