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PHP Special Interest Group



Para ajudar os empacotadores a trazer pacotes com o PHP para o Fedora e auxiliar na sua manutenção contínua, fornecendo revisões oportunas, atuando como proprietários de pacotes secundários e auxiliando com problemas de segurança relacionados.


Você pode contatar membros do PHP SIG na de discussão php-devel php-devel . Todos os membros do PHP SIG são incentivados a inscrever-se.

Packagers/Reviewers/People interested in helping

PHP SIG Documentation

Problems that need to be addressed


  • The .spec file template for PEAR packages can be found at PearSpecTemplate
  • PECL extension should be able to requires the exact "Zend Module Api Version"
  • [DONE] All PEAR packages call 'pear install' during the %post phase of RPM, but rpmlint issues a Warning: dangerous-command-in-%post install
  • This has been fixed in upstream rpmlint. See bug 198705
  • [DONE] The PHP Packaging Guidelines have been finalized and accepted. The guidelines can be found at ["Packaging/PHP"]


PHP-related applications/scripts/modules that would be nice to have in Fedora:


PEAR Modules

PECL Extensions