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= Fedora Perl SIG Mission =
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To assist packagers in bringing Perl-related packages to Fedora Extras and assisting in their continued maintenance by providing timely reviews, acting as secondary package owners and assisting with related security issues.
= Perl Components in Fedora =
== Core Perl ==
Core perl in Fedora is currently 5.10.0.
== Apps ==
* [[/Bugzilla|  Bugzilla]]  - Defect Tracking System
* [ Bugzilla]
* Some testing on an SELinux-enabled system is still needed (see FE review request)
* FE review request: [ #188359]
* [ Cluster SSH]  - Cluster Admin Via SSH
* [ Alzabo]  - Data modelling tool (also in CPAN)
== Frameworks ==
* [[/Catalyst|  Catalyst]]  - MVC Web Application Framework (also in CPAN)
* [[/Bricolage|  Bricolage]]  - Content Management System (CPAN: Bundle::Bricolage)
** 1.11.0 plays nice with Apache2/mod_perl2!
* [[/POE|  POE]]  - Portable multitasking and networking framework
** While POE itself is packaged, there are many, many additional POE-based modules, not all of which are packaged, see, e.g., [ POE Distributions] .
* [[/Moose|  Moose]]  - Modern perl5 OOP system
== Perl/Parrot/Pugs ==
* [ Parrot]  - Parrot Virtual Machine
** [ mailling list thread]
* [ Pugs]  - A Perl 6 Implementation written in Haskell
** [ mailing list thread]
* microperl
= Perl packages in Fedora =
Please edit the [[/Wishlist|  wishlist]]  if you want something, or package something off it if you're bored :)
Bugzilla is an excellent place to find information about the various perl packages in or being reviewed for inclusion:
* [ Review queue]
* [ Open bugs]
= Fedora perl infrastructure =
== Perl to CPAN Mapping ==
With most perl modules being in CPAN, preliminary "mapping" table has been created.  This table is regenerated on a daily basis, and will be included in the upcoming [[Infrastructure/ProjectHosting|  Perl SIG Infrastructure hosted project]] .
* [ CPAN to Fedora master list]
* [ index to perl-owner mapping]
= Problems that need to be addressed =
The following topics need to be discussed/improved/corrected. We need to start discussing them
in the fedora-perl-list.
* Improve the RPM perl scripts (requirements and provides detection)
* at least try to handle use statements a litte better (eg: use base Module; use autouse Module; ...)
* [ RPM 4.4.3]  perl: handle the ‘v’ in “use v5.6.0″ (#140597)
* [ RPM 4.4.3]  resurrect a rpm-perl subpackage from perl-RPM2-0.66
* [ RPM 4.4.4]  complete forking perl-RPM2/* to perl/* module name “RPM”
* [ RPM 4.4.5]  fix: perldeps and not to emit perl(main) (#177960)
* Try to have RPM patched in order to create the debuginfo files after the %check section script is executed and not before (right now the files are created after the %install check script is executed). This breaks the signature tests (there are also other problems related to the signature tests in the building environment: network access to import pgg keys, where should they be stored, ...). More information available [ here]  and in bug  [ #167252] .
* How to update core perl modules? Use the site_perl dirs? /usr/local dirs? Problems with man pages conflicts, version provides clashes (can cause strange problems during package upgrades), ....
** Already being discussed here: [ Bug 142837 – Need site-specific man page directory]
* Try to reduce the number of @INC directories.
* Have a common dir for noarch modules instead of one for each perl version supported.
* The magic that is perl(:WITH_xxx) needs to be better documented and explained, so packagers -- and reviewers! -- know:
* What they are and what they mean
* When to use them
* When to _not_ use them
* Common things to check for that would indicate their usage
== Miscellaneous ==
* Clarified packaging guidelines - Some of the packaging guidelines have conflicted with some common practises.
** For example, BuildRequires: perl was common but forbidden; that has now been changed.  One current issue is the prohibition against including header files in the main package; some perl modules include these deep in the module directory hierarchy, and moving them to a separate -devel package is pointless.
* Notes about "Makefile.PL vs Build.PL" or "ExtUtils::MakeMaker vs Module::Build"
= Packagers/Reviewers/People interested in helping =
* [[JasonTibbitts]]
* [[JoseOliveira]] (jpo)
* [[PaulHowarth]]
* [[StevenPritchard]]
* [[ChrisWeyl]]
* [[GavinHenry]]
* [[ParagNemade]]
= References =
* [ CPAN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network]
* [ CPAN - Recent files]
* Fedora perl specfile template (available in the rpmdevtools package)
* [ Fedora Perl mailing list]
* [ Notes about perl specfiles]  (old)
* [[Perl/cpanspec|  cpanspec]]
* [[Packaging/Perl]]
* [ Perl packaging tips]  (work in progress)
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