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This is to help document the process to get SAGE (, the open-source computer algebra/mathematics framework into Fedora.

People interested helping in packaging/reviewing:

Cross-distribution efforts:

On fedora-devel KevinKofler points out that:

One problem will be that they're bundling many third-party components which should
be packaged separately:

So the first step is to track down which of these dependencies are in Fedora
already, whether they need any patches to work with SAGE, whether they are
build-time (BuildRequires) dependencies, run-time (Requires) dependencies or
both, whether they're required or optional and package those which are not in
Fedora yet.

He suggests the following order:

  1. package required build-time dependencies
  2. package required run-time dependencies
  3. package as many optional build-time dependencies as possible
  4. package SAGE itself
  5. package optional run-time dependencies (and decide on a case by case basis whether it makes sense to add them as actual Requires: dependencies to the package or not)

Required components that SAGE ships with:

Optional components that SAGE ships with:

(a manual list with descriptions which may vary somewhat with respect to the above is at

Missing required components

(If you are working on packaging a component or have filed a review request bug, please note it or link to something here.)