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The setup and use of Fedora Server Edition as a virtual machine within a Fedora Server installation needs to be simplified and facilitated. As far as possible, the virtual machine should have the same features and capabilities for users and system administrators as a bare-metal installation, i.e. as similar a 'user experience' as possible. Above all, the same procedures for installation and configuration should be available, e.g. Ansible playbooks.

Cloud Base Image as VM in Fedora Server Edition

The idea was raised by Matthew Miller in the December 2020 "Reboot" meeting and found its way into the first draft of a revised Fedora Server Edition Product Requirement Document (Server PRD).

Resume as of June 2021

After 6 months, this idea has to be assessed as unrealisable.

According to Cloud Image WG members, the factual differences between the runtime environments are so signifikant that a Fedora server can never be built in a Cloud Image [1]. Interest in cooperation on the part of Cloud WG members is very weak at best [2]. And discussions should preferably cover technical features and implementations [3].

Alternative Fedora Server VM image provider