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Who maintains this Spin? Enter the names of the contributors or the link to the Special Interest Group page.

Benefit to Fedora

Describe why this Spin is beneficial to Fedora. This section should very accurately describe why this Spin is useful, in order to justify the use of time, disk space and bandwidth of which the Fedora Project has limited amounts (especially as far as the time is concerned, composing XX spins because the kernel changes right before GA, having them pass QA, onto the torrent boxes).


Please link to the most recent version of the kickstart file used to compose this Spin with.


The name of this Spin. For example: Fedora Education Math, Fedora Developer, Fedora KDE

ISO Name / FS Label

The name of the ISO or filesystem label. This is limited to 32 characters. Mandatory is "Fedora", the release number, and the architecture. Example: Fedora-11-x86_64-Edu-Math.


Please give a short summary on the Spin. This could just be one paragraph, used on the front page of, and in the summarized release notes.


Please give a more extensive description of the Spin. This could be a few paragraphs, highlighting specific features of the Spin, marketing your product to the end user. This ends up on the details page on, and may be used in the release notes.


List any dependencies your product has. This may be any of the following, to give you an impression:

  • packages not yet in Fedora (link to the review page if there is one)
  • features that need to be accepted before this Spin can use them
  • features that need to be completed before this Spin can use them
  • any other dependency you can think of, items to be completed

Scope / Testing

This section should list what you do to make this Spin special, such as:

  • packages included (e.g. packages that need to be tested, like a game that would need to start)
  • modifications (configuration changes to applications, etc.)
  • what you are changing (anything you change that might break the product or the applications on your product)
When you have completed this page
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