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General Prerequisites

  1. The Spin should have a Spins Page approved by the Spins Wrangler (check Wiki page Category Spins_Ready_for_SIG, and who moved it there)
  2. The kickstart must validate:
    • $ ksvalidator -i ''/path/to/kickstart/file''
  3. The kickstart must flatten properly (check %include statements)
    • $ ksflatten -c ''/path/to/kickstart/file'' -o ''/tmp/ks.cfg''
  4. The kickstart may use either of these three kickstarts to base itself upon:
    • fedora-live-base.ks
    • fedora-livecd-desktop.ks
    • fedora-livecd-kde.ks
      • Using a different kickstart to base your spin off of, means that the basis of your spin is a non-permanent spin.
  5. The kickstart may have either of the following:
    • part / 4096
    • part / 8192
    • Any changes should be noted and motivated, as using a larger size may cause the Spin to go out-of-boundary for either CD or DVD sizes, and in case of DVD, may cause the squashfs image to be over 4GiB in size.
  6. The kickstart must not have --ignoremissing to %packages
  7. The kickstart must not have --nochroot to %post
  8. The kickstart should not alter the behaviour of packages, and any changes to application configuration files should therefore be motived (Spins page) and audited (risk, impact, feasibility, maintainability and motivation vs. targetted audience/scope of the Spin).
  9. No additional repository configuration is allowed
  10. All packages must exist in the Fedora repositories
    • All packages used from rawhide must land in the next Fedora release (e.g. no packages used from rawhide may be blocked from the appropriate Fedora GA release koji tag)

General Compose Requirements

  1. The kickstart must compose using livecd-tools (Live Spins) or pungi (Installation Spins)
    • The requirement here is to get a .iso file, not larger then a CD (700MiB) and not larger then a DVD (4.3GiB)
  2. The kickstart must not have any missing dependencies
    • Bugs should be logged against the packages missing dependencies
    • Bugs should be listed as dependencies in the Spins Page
  3. The kickstart must not have any excludes (-packagename) yet include the package in the transaction applied to the Spins' filesystem (Live Spin), or in the RPM payload (Installation Spin)