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[[Category:Summer coding 2010]]
[[Category:Summer Coding 2010]]

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Other ideas that were incomplete or worth considering are found at Summer coding ideas for 2009.

Find an idea you like? Want to propose your own? See our Getting Started Guide:

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Status: Proposed

Summary of idea: Various ideas related to RHQ:

Contacts: Heiko W. Rupp <hwr @ >, pilhuhn on

Mentor(s): Heiko W. Rupp

Notes: Ideas are e.g. better visual representation of the inventory (graphical forests), new graphing code for metrics (as DOM+CSS+JS versions), allowing different availability check interval for 'important' resources, separating agent heart beat from availability messages or combining data from different resources and types to trigger alerts on this combined data ("Correlation units"). Other ideas are very welcome. Also check the Ideas wiki page at