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 you need to be registered to speak in #fedora-summer-coding channel (prevention from spams) - see

Channel Info

This channel is for Students/Mentors to communicate with other participants of Fedora summer coding programs (GCI, GSoC & Outreachy).

This channel is English Only

Please go through all the links in here

Do not share any links without any context (either write about what the link is or it should be relevant to the ongoing thread) No sponsoring of an event/ self promotion or a website promotion

Abide by the CoC (

Fedora Community Blog ( What is the Fedora Code of Conduct? – Fedora Community Blog Fedora has a few guidelines that help everyone feel welcome in our community. These guidelines are known as the Code of Conduct (CoC).

If you see a problem with $(anything related)/or have any doubts in general, please tag GSoC Org Admins - siddharthvipul and/or sumantrom

Alternate places to contact

If you don't get a response here, mail us at

We have a group on telegram which is bridged to #fedora-summer-coding channel