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Status: under review

Style: application

Main Window

  • application startup tooooo slow
  • bad spacings
  • missing progress bars - actions take a lot of time - (!) Should have apply button
  • window too large, cannot be resized
  • customized/all view should be reworked - Adding new column or color distinction of rows or...
  • child windows are not centered on parent (properties, add...)
  • in child windows is OK sensitive
  • in child windows is bad spacings (between borders and labels)
  • tab selection on the left
    • Label select shouldn't be there

Status tab

  • labels centered and without colon (:)
  • strange looking of `Relabel on next reboot' - checkbox and icon looks bad

Boolean tab

  • Lockdown not working - traceback
  • How is revert working?

Network port

  • group view toggle button has bad tooltip

Policy module

  • button New not working - traceback

Process domain

  • user is unable to recognize actual status of process domain. There are two buttons, only one sensitive (this is ok), but status is showing status only if it is changed

About dialog

  • missing license text


  • File menu
    • Add, properties.. should be insensitive in some tabs