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This feature page needs to explain better how the feature will affect remote logins.

What does "degraded experience" mean? Will I simply get the same colors on the remote system that I get now, or will I lose a lot of other features?

If I SSH to a system that doesn't support 256 colors, sometimes from an X terminal, sometimes from a Linux virtual console, and maybe sometimes from Screen or some other kind of terminal, how can I set things up once and for all so that it works right in all cases? Is it enough to set TERM=xterm in all cases?

What if I SSH to a Fedora box from a system that supports only eight colors, or even just black and white?

Does the feature affect serial consoles, Telnet, Kermit et cetera in any way?

Rombobeorn 15:09, 25 June 2012 (UTC)