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Revision as of 15:55, 1 June 2009 by Jkeating (talk | contribs) (Answer some discussions)

  • User:Bruno: One thing I would like to see is rawhide look more like the version it is becoming. For example the $releasever string doesn't work as expected (at least to me) in repo definitions. So perhaps when creating fedora-release the version could be (for say the F11 rawhide) -11-0.rawhide.1 instead of -10.91 .
    • User:jkeating: This is something I've been thinking about as well. The numbers used to match up with where they would land on the mirrors, releases/test/10.91 or so, but now they don't, so we should re-think that strategy. Thanks for bringing it up!
  • User:Bruno: For discussion at the event: What might have been done to avoid the two one week slips that happened very close to the release of F11?
    • User:jkeating: Unfortunately the only thing that would have prevented these was earlier detection of the bugs in question, and earlier understanding of the severity of the bugs. We have made a change that any crasher bug in anaconda land is immediately proposed as a blocker, which should get the attention of more people to determine the severity and better plan the release.