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US Federal Law

The sentence "If it violates United States federal law, it cannot be included in Fedora." made me wonder: why "US federal law" instead of "US law"? This could use some clarification (maybe a link to a small page). I changed this part to contain an empty link so anyone who could elaborate on why it has to conform to US federal law, and maybe how this is enforced.

P.S. I am a European citizen and just don't have enough knowledge of US-law.

Truecrypt license troubles

Currently I use truecrypt to encrypt private data. Reading the section on truecrypt spawns many questions. The main two issues are:

  1. What is wrong with the license?
    • Maybe a pointer to the discussion or a summary of the discussion is in order
  1. What alternatives could (easily) replace truecrypt?
    • Would it be possible to spawn a new truecrypt and have a different license?
    • For instance could someone change it to being GPL-ed?
    • Or is that one of the problems?