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<onlyinclude><span id="{{anchorencode:{{{1|}}}}}"></span></onlyinclude>
<includeonly><span id="{{anchorencode:{{{1|}}}}}"></span></includeonly>
[[Category:Content templates]]
[[Category:Content templates]]

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Template documentation [edit]

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Anchor/doc. It will not be transcluded on pages that use this template.

Anchors allow a user to create shorter names that can be appended to a URL with a hash mark (#).

For example, if you had a page that you wanted a user to quickly be able to jump to a certain section, you can type


just before a header or paragraph. The user would then be able to go to the wiki page URL, followed by a hash mark (#), then the anchor name (in this case, AnchorName).

To have more than one anchor, it is required to use separate anchor tags.