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  guestfish -a output.img -m /dev/sda1
  guestfish -a output.img -m /dev/sda1
  ><fs> ls /
  ><fs> ls /
| virt-snapshot
|| Snapshot, rollback and commit an existing virtual machine. Ensure the guest is shut down, then do:
virt-snapshot <guest>
Make some changes (including changing/adding/removing virtual hardware), shutdown the guest again, then do:
virt-snapshot --rollback <guest>
Check the guest is back in its original state.
Shutdown, snapshot the guest again, make some more changes and shutdown again. Commit the changes with:
virt-snapshot --commit <guest>
Check the changes have persisted.
| virt-v2v
|| If you have any Xen Fedora/RHEL guests around, copy them their images over to the test box and export their libvirt domain XML on the remote box with:
virsh dumpxml <guest> > <guest>.xml
Make sure you copy the images to the same location on the test box as they were in on the origin box. Alternatively do some path surgery on the domain xml. Create the following basic virt-v2v.conf:
If the guest has a PV kernel, obtain an FV kernel relevant to the target OS and add something like the following to your virt-v2v.conf:
See virt-v2v.conf(5) for more. Snapshot the images and convert them to run on KVM with:
virt-snapshot -o <guest>-snapshot.xml -i libvirtxml <guest>.xml
virt-v2v -s virt-v2v.conf -i libvirtxml <guest>-snapshot.xml
Does the resulting guest boot? Does it give any errors on boot? Are the VirtIO drivers enabled? If anything looks wrong, please report any error messages, along with any config files in the guest which look broken.
| Advanced
| Advanced

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